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We Help People Aged 35+ be More Active and NATURALLY Regain Mobility, Live Free From Painkillers and Avoid Surgery

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We treat all ages! Most frequently people aged 35+ who are often dependent on the support of pain killers to resolve long standing and life limiting problems and who are desperate to get back to being active, healthy and fit again and are anxious to avoid recurring or further injuries, the natural way. 

At Breakaway PT, we love to help people get their lives back on track and live without painkillers. Where you don't have to worry about going back to the doctor. Most especially being able to do the things you love doing without worrying about setbacks.

Free of pain and stress...

A body free of pain and stress leads to a healthy mind. We offer a range of options for people to continue their journey from a whole new perspective.

We take the time to get to the root of the problem. A tension, tweak or small niggle that may have been ignored! We love to see how people respond with hope when we can assure them that life for them will not only get better but that we will help them to new horizons that did not seem possible.

We see many cases of issues that started off as something 'small' like a niggle, tension or tweak and have been ignored hoping for the problem to disappear consistently but have worsened.

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And PLEASE... don’t let your location stop you from getting the solution you need! We help people from the Bowie, Crofton, Odenton, Gambrills, Crownsville, Annapolis and Davidsonville areas.

Want Help to Decide if Physical Therapy is Right For You?

*Note: there is no treatment given at one of our breakthrough visits. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

About Breakaway Physical Therapy and our Commitment

Breakaway PT Clinic
Breakaway PT Clinic
Breakaway PT Clinic
Breakaway PT Clinic

Physical therapy is personal experience and we are here to assist you in every phase of healing. We start with an in-depth evaluation where we create a plan of action for you to get better! Shaina Clemons and her team strive to motivate their patients and formulate realistic goals to improve their quality of life.

Here at Breakaway, we promote all-around healthy and active lifestyles starting the first day of treatment by giving every patient a comprehensive home exercise program. Our goal is for you to finish physical therapy with a desire to continue on a healthy path...

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About Shaina Clemons


Shaina is the founder and owner of Breakaway Physical Therapy.  She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore, along with a Bachelor's degree from Towson University.  

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Book by Shaina Clemons

Mom Strong Book

Mom Strong: Pregnancy and Beyond 

A Guide for Moms who want to be stronger, happier and live their BEST life

It is time to change your life for the better! Don’t let your body hold you back just because you chose to have a family...

What Other People Are Saying About Breakaway Physical Therapy



40's from Shady Side, MD

I injured my back at work and it ended up crippling me to the point where I couldn't walk anymore. I needed help in the bathroom. I needed help to do daily function. I was embarrassed because of how debilitated I was. You guys have just been wonderful and got me back to 100%.



50's from Crownsville, MD

My knee needed to be replaced. I was in a lot of pain and my mobility was very limited. I couldn't do anything. I wasn't able to exercise. I couldn't even walk around the block without pain. Going up and down the stairs was painful, getting in and out of the chair was painful.



Late 20's from Crofton, MD

Every single day I was waking up with the pain. I figured the more I moved the better but the second I sat down, it was terrible and I didn't want to get on the floor and play with my daughter. It was affecting my life to a point where I couldn't stop thinking about the pain.

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