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When it comes to living with Urinary and Fecal Incontinence, everybody we see wants to know:

"Why do I have this never-ending leakage?"


“Why Am I Still Suffering with leaking with coughing, sneezing, laughing, jumping, exercising, when I stand up from sitting and when I’m on the way to the bathroom after Dealing With It For 9 Months OR much longer??

Most people hope that when they have urinary or fecal incontinence, urge to empty their bladder and inability to make it to the bathroom in time that it will simply go away on its own.

That one morning they will wake up and “magically” it will disappear ... But then 9 months later you begin to realize that you are still living every day with the inability to go out and get your errands done without leakage, complete your workouts or just play with your kids due to your leakage that is really holding you back and worse than when it began.

Does that sound Like You?

Does it seem like no one is really listening to you and dismisses you? Everyone tells you that “it’s just a fact of life as you get older or after having children or a surgery”. Did you go to the Doctors’ about your urinary or fecal incontinence, urinary urgency or painful bladder and the Doctor tells you to rest and “try these estrogen creams or medications to reduce your urgency” and “see how it goes”?

Are you afraid to leave your house because you will leak urine or feces and worried that someone might notice? Do you feel like you must pack extra clothes for yourself in case you have an accident? Are you afraid to go out on family outings because you will be the one that makes the whole family come home too soon because of your leakage? Are you afraid that traffic will land you in a situation where you can’t control your bladder or bowels? We hear these reports every day at our Physical Therapy office.

Then, often 6 weeks later, they end up going back to the Doctor again because it hasn’t gotten any better. Worse, they’re often given yet another prescription of even more pills and advised “that your leakage is normal with aging” and that things will get better with the estrogen creams.

We also see quite often in our office that patients go to see the Doctor for their urinary or fecal incontinence who are told to do kegels without any guidance and offered varying surgeries without trying anything else FIRST!

Has that Ever happened to you?

Have you been told different things, by different people about what the problem is or how to solve it? Maybe you think you have a problem with your pelvic floor being weak- but it’s not ONLY your pelvic floor that needs muscle strengthening for improving your issue (abdominals, hips, back muscles and more)? It’s a very confusing part of the body to work out where the issue is coming from because there are so many muscles that all work so closely together. Also getting information from many different sources often leads people to procrastinate and put off deciding what to do to help fix their Urinary or Fecal Incontinence and Painful Bladder Symptoms.

What’s WORSE, many people just end just accepting it as ‘part of life’ - as if it’s normal, as if it “has” to be that way as we get older, have children, have surgeries, go through menopause and more. In fact, this is probably the same thing that some of your friends and family told you…“it’s just what happens as we age”. Urinary and Fecal Incontinence, Urgency and Bladder Spasms may be COMMON, but it is NOT normal!

Is This How You Feel?

If you’re currently living with Urinary or Fecal Incontinence, here’s 7 more reasons why it could be lasting longer than it should:

  • 1. You thought it would go away on its own in time - but it didn’t
  • 2. You went to the Doctor who told you to use some estrogen cream or urgency medications- but the pills did little to help, and as soon as they wore off, the leakage and urgency problems returned again
  • 3. A family member, or friend, told you that everybody gets Urinary or Fecal Leakage at some point in their life and especially with aging, so you just accepted it
  • 4. You sought help from other Healthcare Professionals or a Physical Therapist in the past, but nothing they said or did seemed to help
  • 5. You started modifying workouts (taking out jumping and running) to reduce the leakage, but now you can’t play with your kids like you want to because of the leakage
  • 6. You tried limiting your water and food intake, but you are STILL leaking
  • 7. You have been doing a million kegels a day and you’re not seeing a change

If any of this sounds familiar to you - we would love to help you by inviting you to book a call to talk with one of our pelvic floor specialists at our Crofton clinic, Breakaway Physical Therapy to find out what can be done to help YOU. The fact that you’ve tried any or all these things already is actually a GREAT THING because now that you can eliminate what doesn’t work - you are one step closer to finding the thing that does!

Click the link below to schedule a call with us if you would like to get some solid advice given to you over the phone. The phone call is complementary and there is absolutely no obligation to book any appointments with us after the call is over. Our goal is to help YOU make the right decision about what to do next that will be the best thing for your health!

The next thing people ask us all the time is this:

What can I do to get rid Of my Urinary or Fecal Incontinence, Urinary Urgency, Painful Bladder and More ?...

Well, here's 4 things you can do to get started with:

  • 1. First off and the most important, you need to make a decision about getting help. I can’t even count the number of people that have told me how long they procrastinated about seeking help, thinking that their pelvic floor leakage will ‘just go away with time’ and the urinary urgency or mental strain of always searching for a restroom will get better, only to still be suffering 9 months down the line, still dealing with it, and nothing’s changed…Or it gets worse.
  • 2. Next, do the RIGHT exercises - one of the best things to help you ease your Urinary or Fecal Incontinence is to do the correct series of progressed exercises - the right exercises given to you by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist will allow you to reduce your leakage to make your daily activities more enjoyable, increase your ability to be active without leakage, be able to go out on family outings without fear of leaking or smelling and take control of your bladder or bowels so that you are in charge - and make sure that you get to the root of what’s causing the problem, so that it won’t come back anytime soon.
  • 3. Drink more and more water – we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces each day, which is a lot of water! Water is essential for the bladder to function properly so that our urine is not irritating to the system (like when it’s concentrated), it’s important for emptying the bowels to prevent hard, dry stool, aids digestion, prevents dehydration and optimizes cellular function. Being fearful of leaking leads many people to limit their water or food intake, which then in turn makes you feel worse and does NOT change your leakage in any way!
  • 4. Get real, “hands-on” Physical Therapy – Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is proven to help people with pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, urinary urgency, bladder spasms, rectal spasms and inability to exercise due to leakage. In fact, at Breakaway Physical Therapy it’s one of the most common injuries we see. If your pelvic floor leakage is affecting your everyday life and ability to be active, holding you back from exercise and feeling healthy, preventing you from drinking enough water or consuming enough calories for your system to properly function, if it threatens your independence or gets in the way of spending quality time with family and friends – Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can help get you back to living the life you deserve as quickly as possible!

If you would like to know how the Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy team at Breakaway Physical Therapy can help you live with less urinary or fecal incontinence and urinary urgency - we would like to invite you to start with a completely free, no-obligation, risk free, no pressure appointment at our office:

Note: This Free Breakthrough Visit is something that we offer to people who are very nervous or skeptical about Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy - unsure of its benefits or if it is right for them. If that sounds like you, then please start with a free Breakthrough visit, where we take the time to listen to your individual situation, so that we can work with you to find out what is wrong and what can be done – and is completely free and will provide you with clarity and information to make the best decision about your health.

So the next question is...

“How Can Choosing to See a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist at Breakaway Physical Therapy Help You Get Rid of Your Urinary Incontinence, Fecal Incontinence and Urinary Urgency?”

  • We can quickly teach you how to take proper care of your bladder and bowels to improve your pelvic health and reduce your leakage
  • We can help you find out what’s really going on, and get to the root cause of your pelvic floor dysfunction once and for all
  • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence can be very exhausting and cause a strain on your relationships - we can help you to enjoy being active with your family and live each day dryer and with more energy
  • We will ensure that your problem is “corrected” and “healed” properly - and we will provide you with the perfect set of exercises for YOU that will speed up your recovery
  • We can help you put an end to the need for all those creams and other medications that keep piling up and can harm your health in the long-term and not provide you the change you are seeking
  • We can help you find out what’s really happening with your pelvic floor and understand the cause of your incontinence or urgency
  • We can help you avoid dangerous pelvic floor surgery - and painful injections
  • We can help you keep out of the Doctor’s waiting room to provide you more time to enjoy doing the things you love
  • We can help you to understand the pelvic floor complex including all the surrounding muscle groups that play a major role in pelvic floor dysfunction, leakage, urgency and more
  • We can help you get back to enjoying quality time with family and friends that urinary or fecal incontinence, urgency, bladder and bowel spasms have stolen from you

Basically… the Physical Floor Therapy Team at Breakaway Physical Therapy can help you get back to living life free from daily, annoying and chronic leakage, inability to exercise and be active with your family, get all your errands done being dry and feeling confident to leave your house knowing that YOU are in control of your bladder or bowels.

If you want to know what it costs - and what availability we have at our physical therapy office in Crofton, Maryland, then please just click the button below and complete the short form:

“Hear From Happy Patients of Breakaway Physical Therapy”



Late 20's from Crofton, MD

Every single day I was waking up with the pain. I figured the more I moved the better but the second I sat down, it was terrible and I didn't want to get on the floor and play with my daughter. It was affecting my life to a point where I couldn't stop thinking about the pain.



40's from Crofton, MD

As a mom you can't say, oh, I'm in pain. You can't take a day off. Coming to Breakaway made a huge difference in my life. The pain is still there, but it's not as sharp as it used to be before. It's much better now. There's still a long way to go but I definitely see results



30's from Arnold, MD

Physical therapy has made a huge difference in a positive way. I'm now able to be intimate with my husband. I am regaining bowel control. The best thing about coming for physical therapy at breakaway is just the people here, they're so accommodating, so friendly and wonderful.

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