Pain-Free Playtime: Engaging With The Kids Without Hurting Your Back
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Pain-Free Playtime: Engaging With The Kids Without Hurting Your Back

Summer break is fast approaching for the younger ones and you might be worried about how you’re going to entertain them for an entire summer without hurting your back!

As parents, it can often take a physical toll playing with the kids as you have to kneel, pick them up and be active for so many hours a day.

But we find that most of our patients feel low when they’re in too much pain to run around with the little ones or play games.

That’s why we’re here! We want to help you start engaging with the kids without hurting your back so you can enjoy quality time together and make memories this summer that will last a lifetime!

Set Ground Rules For Playtime

The very first step to a positive and pain-free playtime is to set ground rules with the kids. What we mean by this is that you set a rule where you establish a boundary such as no rough play or physical contact.

Although they’re small, kids can sometimes get a little rough during play which could hurt your back or cause an unwanted strain, leaving you unable to keep playing or stop you engaging with the kids until it heals!

Setting clear boundaries not only protects you from unwanted injuries but can help your kids develop good social skills and promote safe and happy play.

Watch Your Posture

Engaging with the kids without hurting your back is no easy feat when you’re crawling on the floor, running around after them, and constantly sitting down and standing up!

When you’re sitting down and standing, remember to keep your posture in check. It’s very easy when you’re preoccupied with other activities to allow your body to slouch or lean forward too much.

If you’re sitting on the floor, you should cross your legs, straighten your back keep and your head up making sure your shoulders are rolled back and relaxed.

(A little bonus tip to keep your spine in check is to take a moment to practice good posture with the kids and teach them how to sit with good posture!)

Engaging with the kids without hurting your back can also be challenging due to their small heights, you might feel as though you’re always bending down and getting up which can lead to repetitive strain injuries if left unchecked.

To combat this, try bending your knees to crouch down and talk to your children rather than bending from the back.

The reason we should do this is that our legs are equipped with better and stronger muscles to distribute the weight of our bodies when bending and stretching.

Utilize Low-Impact Exercise

When you’re taking time out from the kids or your busy schedule, you could make use of low-impact exercises to improve your overall fitness.

Low-impact exercise can range from 30-minute yoga sessions to swimming or longer cycling sessions. All of these exercises will allow you to keep your muscles flexible, strong and be less prone to injuries in your lower back.

Meaning you can play in the garden or around the house, engaging with the kids without hurting your back!

Don’t Overwork Yourself!

It’s tempting to keep the games going when the kids have so much energy to burn and you’re enjoying your time together, but it’s very important to take regular breaks.

Overdoing it could cause you to experience stiffness, soreness, and aches in your muscles many days after you’ve had a huge play session with the children affecting your daily routine for the foreseeable future.

Even taking 10 minutes to relax, have a healthy snack, or take time to stretch your muscles can help you to avoid back pain and keep engaging in positive play!

Keep Moving

During playtime, it’s great when kids get engrossed in a game or a favorite toy, but if you’re sitting on the floor or standing still for a long period of time, you might start to feel a twang of pain in your back.

This is your body telling you it’s time to move!

A great tip to avoid staying still in an awkward position for a long time is to change the direction of play to incorporate a few minutes of physical activity. This could be hide-and-seek, tag, or a set of fun exercises like jumping jacks!

Not only will this tip help you prevent stiffness when you finally come to move after sitting, but it will also give the kids some variety while they play and keep them active too!

Is Your Back Pain Already Impacting Your Time With The Kids?

Have you been experiencing back pain that’s affecting quality time with the kids and it’s starting to get you down?

We know as a parent it can be difficult to keep track of your own health as well as the kids, but now is the time to take your back pain problems into your own hands and get the expert help you need to become pain-free and enjoy an exciting summer with the little ones.

So we’re offering you the chance to do just that! Throughout June we’re offering you a free summer-ready back pain assessment where you can come into our family-friendly clinic, speak to a member of our expert physical therapy team, and finally get to the cause of your back pain.

Your physical therapist will also help you to explore treatment methods that best suit you, your lifestyle, and your recovery!

To take advantage of our free summer-ready back pain assessment, fill in our simple web form or contact us by telephone at (410) – 721- 6333.

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