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Breakaway PT LIVE!: Digital Physical Therapy Option (FAQs)


One thing that we can be sure about this year is that 2020 has kept us on our toes! It had its ups and downs, but one of the best things to come out of it for us has been more flexibility in the ways you can access your physical therapist.

Yes, you can now access your physical therapist from the comfort of your own home, favorite vacation spot, or virtually wherever you’d like within the state of Maryland and DC (this will expand in time to cover more areas).

Your biggest questions about our NEW Virtual PT sessions:

Is a Digital PT session right for me?

Digital sessions have been so effective we usually recommend at least one digital session for all of our clients.

While the sessions are slightly different than the in-clinic sessions they are incredibly valuable.

Our ultimate goal is to get you back to doing all the things you love doing. Whether that’s taking care of your family, your home, work tasks, exercising, hobbies, or the many things people do at home. Digital sessions give us a window into your home environment and how you may be doing things differently at home than in the clinic.

It lets us look at your home desk posture, how you are unloading your dishwasher, how you get up and down from the ground with your grandkids, how you are going up and down your stairs, how you get your baby in and out of the car, and more!

Everyone has different equipment, space, and needs.

Digital sessions let us see what could be holding you back at home and how to best set you up for success at home to achieve your goals and manage your condition so it never returns.

What if I usually get Manual or “hands on” therapy in the office?

  • Manual therapy is often a big part of our in-person treatment program. However, there are so many ways that you can help release tight muscles or improve mobility with techniques at home. The ultimate goal is to give you the tools to manage without us. We want you to have the power to prevent your condition from coming back and teaching you how to help yourself is a huge part of Digital sessions as well as your future success.

There is so much more to us than manual therapy!

How long are virtual appointments?

  • Our appointments are scheduled every 45 minutes.
  • You can count on the same amount of 1 on 1 time with your therapist virtually as you would get in person.

Something has come up; can I convert my appointment to digital?

  • Absolutely! Because the appointment times and length are the same it is no problem to switch to a digital appointment even with short notice.
  • Please let our office know as soon as possible so we can send you the meeting link and meeting ID and you can be online in time for your appointment to start.
  • There are so many reasons to chose a digital appointment.
  • Bad weather
  • No child care
  • Car trouble
  • Potential COVID exposure
  • Short on time

The reasons are endless, don’t let them stop you from taking care of yourself

What kind of device do I need to access the appointment?

  • You can use your phone, computer, or tablet to access your digital appointment. As long as your device meets the following requirements we will have a successful session:
  • A screen- large enough to see your therapist
  • A webcam or camera- so your therapist can see you
  • Audio/ speakers- so we can hear each other either through the device or we can talk over the phone if needed
  • Mobility- so you can move around during the session (at least a little bit)

Most smart phones and tablets have these technologies built in!

How do I access the appointment?

  • We are utilizing a HIPPA compliant version of Zoom. All you need is you therapist’s meeting ID and/or their personal meeting link and you will be taken to their virtual “waiting room”.
  • We will send you a link in advance of the appointment. We can send it via text or email, whichever is more convenient for you.

Click on the link > follow the prompt to enter the meeting > Please join with audio and video. Then you will find yourself in your therapist’s virtual meeting room.

Is the meeting secure?

  • We are utilizing a HIPPA compliant version of Zoom and your privacy is of great concern to us.
  • Only patients who have digital appointments will have the meeting links.
  • You will be taken to the meeting room which will allow you to wait privately until the therapist is ready to see you. You will not be able to see anyone else’s session and they will not be able to see yours.
  • When asked to add a name to your session feel free to utilize initials or just a first name or nickname to ensure your privacy, those in the waiting room will only be able to see the name of your choice.

Do I need to download anything?

  • On the Computer: you do not need to download anything or have a zoom account. Click the link provided and select to join the meeting.  If you have a Zoom account feel free to log in!
  • On a phone or tablet: Click the provided link (we can text it to you!). You should be taken to the meeting. If you are having any trouble accessing the meeting through your mobile browser please download the Zoom Meetings App from the App or Play store. Then try the link again.

Look for a movie camera on a blue background

What should I wear for the appointment?

  • You should wear comfortable clothing that you can move around in. Digital PT sessions are just like in person sessions. Please be prepared to get your body moving.

Where should I complete my session?

  • Give yourself plenty of space to move around as we will be exercising, stretching and moving around during the session.
  • Find a peaceful space: this appointment is all about you and your health. Find somewhere that you are comfortable discussing your health, progress updates, new limitations, and more.
  • Try to limit distractions if possible.

Keep in mind we are absolutely willing to meet you where you are. If you only have a small space, do not worry! We can work with the space that you have. If your home phone rings or your family needs you for a moment; it is okay! The best thing about these sessions is that they are flexible… we understand things happen and can work around them!

What should I bring to the session?

  • Any equipment you have available to you! You do not have to pile it up but keep it close by and you therapist will tell you what you need at the beginning of each session as well as allow you to gather supplies during the session. The closer they are, the more efficient the session can be. 
  • weights, resistance bands, specialty equipment, foam rollers, yoga mats, anything!

We know everyone has different equipment at home- we can work with what you have. Be open minded; we will make it work!

How will the session be structured?

  • We are all about your function and how you are able to move in your daily life. We typically start by asking about how things are going at home. What is holding you back from achieving your goals at home? What is bothering you today? What is missing from your program?
  • From there we will develop a plan to address your concerns with your personal equipment in your environment making it easier to be successful after discharge.

If you have any other questions or concerns please reach out to our office at 410-721-6333 and someone will be able to answer any remaining questions about Digital PT.

Are you ready to book your Digital PT session?? Call us today to get your first Digital appointment or to convert an existing appointment to a digital one!

Brittany Gunter

Brittany Gunter

Brittany graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore with an emphasis on the pelvic floor. She attended Penn State for Kinesiology before that. I became interested in PT in college and also had a women's health course that opened my eyes to disparities in care and ultimately lead me to specializing in pelvic floor treatments. I’m Super excited to have joined the Breakaway team. My favorite part of PT is empowering patients by giving them the tools they need to get better and remain healthy/maintain wellness for the rest of their lives. In my free time I enjoy hiking, yoga/ Pilates, trivia, and traveling.
Brittany Gunter

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