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How Often Should I Pee Every Day?


We all go to the bathroom; it is a fact of life. But have you ever stopped to think about how often you have to pee? Are you going too often? Are you not going enough?

Is your bladder yelling at you every time you need to go? Does it not tell you in time?

These are all question that can tell us so much about our bladder health that we never consider. So….

How much do you really know about it?

Follow your abdominals down from the rib cage until you reach the pelvis (pubic bone). The bladder is located in the pelvis and is just on the other side of this bone.

A healthy bladder will start off small and stretch as it fills up. As it grows it will start to talk to your brain, letting the brain know it is filling up.

Most bladders can hold about half a liter (500ml) before they NEED to be emptied. That is about 2 cups of liquid. At this point your bladder should be yelling at you to be emptied.

How often should I be emptying my bladder?

The kidneys are constantly creating urine, in a healthy and well hydrated person, the bladder is filling all the time.

You should be emptying your bladder on average every 3+ hours during the day and a maximum of 1 time at night, if at all.

The spectrum of frequency includes people going multiple times per hour to people going only a few times per day, however both are not normal frequencies and can be addressed by a healthcare professional.

Men’s bladders can be slightly larger than women’s but both men and women should be going the same amount, no matter your age.

What can change how often I am going?

There are many things that can change how much you need to empty your bladder these things include:

  • Some drinks including coffee and tea
  • The amount of water you are drinking
  • How hydrated you are
  • And many more factors (medication, foods, activity level, and more)

I am not emptying every 3+ hours; when should I seek help?

If you are mostly emptying your bladder about every 3 hours, your bladder is likely healthy. Everyone has occasional differences in frequency depending on some factors listed above.

You should seek help when your bladder is disruptive to your life, when your bladder is controlling you and not the other way around.

You should also seek help if you have any sudden changes in urination urgency (you have to go right now!) or frequency (emptying more often), urinary leakage, accidents (you could not make it to the toilet on time), and if you have any burning or pain with urination.

If your bladder is controlling your life do not wait, you can get help!

A pelvic floor physical therapist can help you make the changes needed to take control back of your bladder and your life!

Get back to doing all the things you love without worrying about your next bathroom break…call us at 410-782-3672 to talk with one of our pelvic health experts today!

Brittany Gunter

Brittany Gunter

Brittany graduated from University of Maryland Baltimore with an emphasis on the pelvic floor. She attended Penn State for Kinesiology before that. I became interested in PT in college and also had a women's health course that opened my eyes to disparities in care and ultimately lead me to specializing in pelvic floor treatments. I’m Super excited to have joined the Breakaway team. My favorite part of PT is empowering patients by giving them the tools they need to get better and remain healthy/maintain wellness for the rest of their lives. In my free time I enjoy hiking, yoga/ Pilates, trivia, and traveling.
Brittany Gunter

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