What Is Causing The Pain Behind Your Eyeball?
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Pain Behind Your Eyeball? What Is It and How Can You Get Rid of It?

Eye Pain

So many people complain of headaches, tension in the neck and shoulder joints, BUT when you start to have pain that radiates to your eyeball, you start to wonder what is going on?!

Do you have pain along your neck that shoots across your face or on top of your head, but eventually you feel behind your eyes? Are you wondering how to get rid of this pain and what it is in the first place? Do you just want to reach behind your eye and try to touch, but so far nothing has made any difference in what you are feeling?

All of those symptoms above are consistent with the condition Greater Occipital Neuralgia. This is a condition, commonly diagnosed by your ophthalmologist, where pressure is put on the greater occipital nerve as it exits out of the skull and that pressure causes the classic EYE PAIN!

So what can be done about this unrelenting eye pain that you can’t physically touch and can’t get it to reduce OR figure out what caused it to start? Well sometimes a fall, neck tension or pain along the neck can cause this condition to start and NOT stop!

Here are some things to get started on today if you are feeling this way:

  • Start putting heat along the back of your neck to reduce any tension, pain and stress that these muscles are putting along your nerves to cause this discomfort
  • tart a stretching program where you put one hand on top of your shoulder and the other on top of your head as you gently move your nose towards your armpit - Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times on each side
  • Another stretch is to bring one arm behind your back and then bring your ear to the opposite shoulder (you can put the other hand on top of your head to gently feel the stretch) - Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times on each side
  • Make the decision to come and see a skilled physical therapist who has experience treating this condition:
  1. 1
    They will check out the alignment of your neck
  2. 2
    Check on muscle tension along your neck and shoulders
  3. 3
    Look at your range of motion to see how limited you are along your neck (to make sure you can safely turn your head for driving and other activities)
  4. 4
    Check your strength of your upper body
  5. 5
    Provide you a plan to relieve this aching eye pain that can be unrelenting

Why wait when you can get the change that you are seeking TODAY? Don’t suffer with eye pain and wonder what’s going on… take control of your health and make the decision to get better now! We only get one body and two eyes that we need to take care of to make sure we can see all the beautiful things in life😊

If you would like to talk more with one of our skilled physical therapists, call our office at 410-782-3152 to set-up a free phone consultation or a free Breakthrough visit where you can come in and meet our team. This is a great opportunity to ask all your questions and further your understanding of what is going on with your neck pain and eye pain!

We look forward to meeting you soon and getting you back to doing all the activities that you love!

Shaina Clemons, DPT

Shaina Clemons

Shaina Clemons

Shaina is the founder and owner of Breakaway Physical Therapy.  She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore, along with a Bachelor's degree from Towson University.   Shaina is an Ironman triathlete, with a love of all sports. Exercise is her passion, which plays an important role in both her personal and professional life.  In her free time, Shaina enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children.  Shaina's love of snowboarding led her to her career choice many years ago. 
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