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Exercise is the Key to Life

  • Are you exercising regularly?
  • What type of exercise do you like to do?
  • What movement activity makes you happy?

Everyone has a different interest when it comes to exercise and that is important to think about for yourself. Now I know what you are thinking… "I don’t like to exercise!".

But I beg to differ that there isn’t SOME form of activity that you enjoy AND it doesn’t have to be a class AND it doesn’t have to be something that you do alone.

OK now I bet you are wondering why I love exercise soooo much and think it’s so important, especially right now!

Well at the current time, it is essential for all of us to be in our peak mental state as so many of our lives and schedules have changed rapidly. And we need to be in our best mental state to wade through these uncertain times and come out of things stronger!

So to get the optimal mental state, we need to have the best physical state! And I know you are still thinking… WHY?!?!

When we are in a peak physical state, then this will allow us to get to the best mental state. So let’s talk about what happens when we exercise!

Exercise causes endorphins to be released into our system, which are our bodies' natural pain killers. So this will allow you to reduce general aches and pains that you may be feeling. It will help to decrease your stress levels overall, which is really helpful during this time!

Also, movement will help you feel different about a situation, such as what is happening in our world currently. Then we can control HOW we feel and how we REACT to situations.

It is so important right now to make sure that we are thinking before we react as we are all in such different places and different situations. It is so easy to judge others, but at this time all we need is support because we are all doing the best that we can given the circumstances.

And it’s essential to remember that we are all in the same storm, NOT the same boat. There are so many different situations that we are dealing with from a work, home, family perspective and each is a unique set of circumstances that we need to consider (and not judge).

So long story short, EXERCISE and MOVEMENT is the key to getting through these tough times! It’s important for you to think about what exercise you enjoy, how you can integrate it into your life and how you can keep your entire family happy and healthy with interspersing activity into everyday!

If you need some suggestions, contact us at Breakaway Physical Therapy and we will be happy to do a FREE phone consultation so that you don’t even have to leave your house. We can talk about your personal interests and how to get you on the best exercise program that fits your life and your family!

Don’t wait! Your physical and mental health are crucial all the time, but especially now with how quickly things are changing in our lives!

Happy exercising 😊

Shaina Clemons

Shaina Clemons

Shaina is the founder and owner of Breakaway Physical Therapy.  She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore, along with a Bachelor's degree from Towson University.   Shaina is an Ironman triathlete, with a love of all sports. Exercise is her passion, which plays an important role in both her personal and professional life.  In her free time, Shaina enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children.  Shaina's love of snowboarding led her to her career choice many years ago. 
Shaina Clemons

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