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Your Best Night Sleep

  • Do you toss and turn while you sleep waking up in the morning still feeling exhausted?
  • Are you waking up with neck pain, back pain or numbness down your arms after sleeping?
  • Do you have a difficult time getting comfortable in your bed and relaxing to go to sleep?
  • Do you wake up stiff in the mornings?
  • Do you have a pillow graveyard in your room?

All of these things can be a result of your sleeping position at night and the PILLOW that you use. After trying numerous pillows and all the different types…the BEST is Pillowise Pillows!

All of the team at Breakaway PT uses Pillowise Pillows, our families and we highly recommend them to our patients.

When you think about it, ideally, we spend about 8 hours each night sleeping. So, if you are not in a good position in your bed, if your neck is not supported, if you back is not in a neutral posture…then it’s impossible to wake up feeling great in the morning!

The coolest thing about these pillows is that they are fit to YOU! It’s a few measurements of your neck and shoulders that we take. Put that together with a couple quick questions of your favorite position to sleep in and how firm or soft your mattress is for sleeping. We put all this information into our system to find out which pillow is the best for your body.

Then we love for you to try out the pillow, lay on it during a treatment session and see what you think?! And there is a 30-day money back guarantee to make sure that you LOVE your pillow and everything about it! 


The memory foam that is used for the pillow is extremely comfortable to sleep on and they even have travel size versions so that you can bring your pillow with you when you are on vacation.

Some of our patients have told us that changing their pillow has taken away the nerve pain that they have down their arms when they sleep, others have said that it has taken away their headaches and others have told us that they finally wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!

These pillows are an excellent addition to physical therapy to help you get back to living your best life and not having your body hold you back from doing anything.

If you are reading this thinking that you would love to be fit for a Pillowise Pillow, then stop waiting and call us today! Or just drop in to say hello and we will be happy to measure you for your custom pillow so that you can have your best night’s sleep yet!

If you want to talk more about physical therapy in addition to your pillow, then give us a call at 410-721-6333 for a FREE Breakthrough visit to help you get back to doing all the activities that you love!

Shaina Clemons

Shaina Clemons

Shaina is the founder and owner of Breakaway Physical Therapy.  She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore, along with a Bachelor's degree from Towson University.   Shaina is an Ironman triathlete, with a love of all sports. Exercise is her passion, which plays an important role in both her personal and professional life.  In her free time, Shaina enjoys spending time with her husband and three young children.  Shaina's love of snowboarding led her to her career choice many years ago. 
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