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4 Activities To Stay Fit With The Kids This Spring!

This spring, getting fit doesn’t have to be an intimidating challenge for busy moms.

With a few simple activities, you and the kids can enjoy together, maintaining your physical health while having a great time with the family is easier than ever!

From outdoor adventures in nature to lively indoor games, there are plenty of ways you can get active with your little ones while keeping up your fitness routine.

Here are 4 fun activities to help stay fit with the kids and make memories this spring!

4 Activities To Stay Fit With The Kids This Spring!


Cycling is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, building the muscle strength and coordination of riders.

And the best part? It’s a fun activity to stay fit with the kids!

If you’re looking to get your kids excited about cycling, try incorporating it into your family’s routine by planning bike rides to fun destinations or setting up mini-bike races in your backyard.

By making cycling a fun family activity, you’ll not only be promoting physical fitness but creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Obstacle Courses

An extremely fun way to stay fit with the kids this spring is to set up an obstacle course in the backyard!

There’s nothing kids love doing more than running around obstacles and completing tasks to get to the end and you can join in with them too.

Although obstacle courses are super fun, they can also help you stay fit by improving endurance, strength, and agility.

Plus, they can offer a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from completing a challenging task.

When designing your course, be sure to include a variety of obstacles like cones, hurdles, balance beams, and even tunnels, to keep things interesting and challenging.


Swimming is not only a fun activity that can keep kids entertained for hours, but it is also a great way to keep both kids and moms fit!

Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can improve cardiovascular health, increase muscle tone, and even promote weight loss.

Additionally, swimming is a great way to beat the summer heat and spend quality time with family. Making it a regular activity can provide a fun and healthy outlet for everyone involved.

So whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or simply enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, consider taking up swimming as a family activity. Your body (and kids) will thank you for it!

Walks In Nature

Not only does walking in nature help moms stay physically fit, but it’s also a great way to entertain the kids while getting some fresh air.

Walking on uneven terrain engages muscles that aren’t typically used in everyday activities and provides a low-impact workout.

Additionally, spending time in nature has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, providing moms with much-needed relaxation time.

Make sure to bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen to ensure a comfortable outing, and don’t forget to stop and take in the beauty of your surroundings.

So, get your walking shoes on and take your family on a nature adventure!

Come In For A Free Spring Body Ready Assessment!

Are you running around with your kids and struggling to keep up? Or are you suffering from aches and pains that mean you’re missing out on quality time with the kids?

As a mom myself I know how hard it can be to keep up with the little ones every day and look after yourself and your body at the same time.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to get back on top of your fitness, eliminate your aches and pains get you into top shape for your children’s next event.

Remember that healthy moms have healthy happy kids!

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You can arrange your free spring body-ready assessment by filling in our simple web form or calling us at 410-721-6333 and we’ll be happy to arrange your session.

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