A Busy Mom's Guide To Getting Active This Spring
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A Busy Mom’s Guide To Getting Active This Spring

The days are finally getting longer, temperatures are starting to rise and flowers are starting to bloom, it’s finally spring!

For busy moms, this often means it’s time to think about getting active this spring with the kid’s soccer and baseball season and spring break upon us.

As a busy mom myself, I know how difficult it can be to juggle your activities, the kid’s needs, and free time and it can feel like there is no way you could possibly think about getting active this spring!

However, before you give up hope to improve your fitness this spring, try our busy moms’ guide to getting active this spring and you may find you can incorporate some exercise into your busy schedule giving you an extra boost!

Find An Activity That Fits Your Lifestyle

When you’re initially trying to build up your fitness regimen, you should try to choose activities that fit into your routine already.

For example, you could wake up 30 minutes earlier and use that time to go for a short walk or a run around your local neighborhood. Even just 20 minutes of exercise can be extremely beneficial for your physical and mental health.

A bonus is that if you do this in the morning, the endorphins you get from your exercise will always set you up with a positive outlook for the day ahead!

Grab A Fitness Buddy!

Exercising on your own can sometimes feel like a chore, and often if you’re not feeling like getting active you might be more prone to skipping a session.

Why not grab a fitness buddy to join you?

A fitness buddy could be anyone! Family, friends, or even other active moms.

April is littered with kid’s sporting events where you could be stood out on the field for a few hours, so why not grab another mom and go for a walk or a jog to keep yourself moving?

Not only is this a great way to hold each other accountable for executing your daily exercise, but it’s also a great way to make and maintain friendships!

Get Enough Sleep

One of the fundamentals of getting active this spring is to get enough sleep and rest.

This may sound contradictory to getting active and energetic, but a lack of sleep not only leaves us tired and sluggish, but it can also negatively affect our physical health and mental well-being.

As we gear up for a season of outdoor activities and adventures, let’s prioritize our sleep and give our bodies the rest they need to fuel our active lifestyles. Remember, a well-rested mom is a happy and healthy mom!

Get Creative With Kid’s Activities

Juggling a busy schedule with the kids while ensuring that they stay active and engaged in their activities is no easy task!

Why not incorporate your fitness regimen into fun and creative activities with the kids?

From setting up a backyard obstacle course to going out for family bike rides, there are plenty of options to get your kids moving.

Don’t shy away from incorporating the arts and crafts into physical activities, such as creating DIY hopscotch mats or teaching them how to use hula hoops.

Not only will you be getting active this spring, but you can also spend quality time with the kids and make those all-important memories!

Come In For A Free Spring Body Ready Assessment!

Are you running around with your kids and struggling to keep up? Or are you suffering from aches and pains that mean you’re missing out on quality time with the kids?

As a mom myself I know how hard it can be to keep up with the little ones every day and look after yourself and your body at the same time.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to get back on top of your fitness, eliminate your aches and pains get you into top shape for your children’s next event.

Remember that healthy moms have healthy happy kids!

In our free spring body-ready assessment, you can come into the clinic and speak to one of our expert physical therapists about getting your body back on track in preparation for your spring activities.

You can arrange your free spring body-ready assessment by filling in our simple web form or calling us at 410-721-6333 and we’ll be happy to arrange your session.

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Shaina Clemons

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