Should I See A Pelvic Floor Specialist?
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Should I See a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist?

Pelvic Floor

This month we are promoting self-care and a New Year meaning a New YOU! With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that you are taking care of yourself in all the important ways. Putting yourself first for a change to make sure that you have the BEST year ahead!

Our patients tell us all the time about things that are bothering them that brought them in to see us…but there are a lot of things that they had NO idea they could come see a physical therapist for to get help and make a change in their life. They tell us that there were so many things happening with their body that they did not know they could make a difference!! And they had no idea how a pelvic floor physical therapist could help make a change in their life…

Here are some common things that we hear from our patients related to their pelvic floor:

  • I spend all day in the bathroom!
  • Before I leave my house, I pee “just in case” I am not able to stop at a bathroom when I am out.
  • It takes me forever to relax and have a bowel movement. Its really frustrating!
  • I cannot jump on a trampoline because I will definitely leak!
  • I don’t want to have “couples time” because it will probably hurt.
  • I can’t run because it feels like something is going to fall out of my body!

Many patients who are sent to Breakaway have been told by their doctor that they could benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy, BUT they have little to no understanding of what we can do or how we can help.

When we ask our patients, what is the BIGGEST thing that they are looking to see change by working together, more times than not they say…“I don’t know, my doctor send me here. I don’t even know what you do.”

So, let’s start here…WHO can benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy? After all, there was a reason you were seeking help in the first place! Something made you call a healthcare provider because there is something that is holding you back from living your best life…

  • Do you have difficulty with your bladder or bowels working properly?

    > We see patients all the time that have lived with leakage of urine or bowels for too long!

    > Do you feel like you spend every 20 minutes in the bathroom? Are you searching for the nearest restroom every time you leave your house? Do you have to go AGAIN, even though you feel like you just went?

    > Are you struggling with constipation and feel like you have very few bowel movements per week?

    > Is it tough for your body to sit down on the toilet and let your bladder or bowels empty? Do you have that feeling when you have a strong urge to empty and nothing seems to want to come out?
  • Do you wake up at night from sleeping to use the bathroom?
  • Do you feel a sensation of pressure or heaviness in your pelvic floor?

    > Maybe it is when you are trying to exercise, lifting your kids, or even just after being on your feet by the end of the day?!
  • Do you have pain with intimacy or when trying to use tampons?
  • Do you dread your annual GYN exam because it is painful? Or are their times your GYN has not been able to complete the exam due to pain or tension?
  • Do you have pain “down there” with sitting for long periods of time? What about with wearing tight fitted clothing?
  • Have you had children and things just do not quite “feel right” in your pelvic floor?
  • Do you have a history of hip pain, low back pain, groin pain, tailbone pain or sciatica? Maybe you have had treatment before and it just does not seem to improve or go away?

All these things can be related to pelvic floor dysfunction, and all indicate the potential benefit from seeking a skilled pelvic floor physical therapist!

It is so easy to pass off these symptoms and think that they will just get better in time. It is also quite common to ignore these issues OR accept them thinking that you should just have to deal with them.

See a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

Well, we are here to tell you to STOP waiting for things to get better on their own when you can get the help that you need. Some patients come in six weeks after giving birth, some have never had children, and others have experienced some form of their symptoms for more than 10 years! And YES, we also see men with these issues AND kids too (commonly for constipation, bed wetting and more)!

Your body can HEAL and make the change that you are looking for. You just must give it the time, attention and come see a pelvic floor physical therapist to help you!

It is amazing to see the transformation that our patients make each day from working together. It is truly rewarding to see the difference and get to be a part of changing their life so that nothing is holding them back! There are so many things that you can learn about your body and tips to make things better immediately.

Whether your symptoms have just started, or you have suffered for a long time, know that you are not alone and the pelvic floor physical therapists at Breakaway Physical Therapy are here to help!

We would love to set up a FREE Breakthrough visit with you which can be done in-person, on the phone or on a ZOOM call to chat with you more specifically about your individual symptoms and how we can help! Call us today at 410-721-6333 so we can begin your healing journey!

Stephanie McKay

Stephanie McKay

Stephanie graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore in 2011 with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. During PT school, I completed a clinical internship in Women’s Health/Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy which gave me valuable clinical experience and opened my eyes to this much needed and often overlooked area of physical therapy. There are so many conditions/symptoms such as pelvic pain and incontinence which are mistaken for being normal just because they may be common in society, chronic, or attributed to pregnancy/childbirth, however this is not the case at all! I love that I can help my patients return to activities that they enjoy without symptoms. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as exercising and being outside. I am excited to join Breakaway and to be a part of a team where there is focus on patient-centered care. I love to spend one-on-one time with my patients to ensure I am meeting their personal goals and to be able to give my patients the tools that they need so that they can maintain their progress even after discharge from PT.
Stephanie McKay

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